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Santa on Mountainview Street

We have been decorating since 2000. We started out with just a few Ilights and each year my godsons wanted more. The display has grown so much that we are running out of room. We have over 300 inflatables ranging for little 3 ft. inflatables to 15 & 20 ft. inflatables. The inflatables included teenage mutant ninja turtles, marvel & frozen characters, pooh, tigger, elmo, cookie monster, cat in the hat, tweety bird, spongebob, frosty, rudolph, Bart & Homer Simpson, mickey, minnie, pluto, and many more. The display is up from Thanksgiving to the Sunday after new year. We have Santa & Rudolph here greeting everyone and giving out candy canes from Thanksgiving til Christmas eve. We are open from 5:00-10:00 each night for you to come in, walk around and take pictures.


Added on Sep 08, 2014 by Jeffrey Norford

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Santa on Mountainview Street has 60,000 Christmas lights with 17 years of experience from November 23 to January 7 between 5:00pm and 10:00pm.


We have lots of new Inflatables this year we also have a raffle this year we have ten Inflatables we will giveaway two every Saturday.

When to See It

On at 5:00pm
Off at 10:00pm
Starting on November 23
Ending on January 7


Started in 2000
60000 lights
300 inflatables
5 controllers
0 songs


1307 mountainview street,charlottesville,VA 22902 US

Special Directions

Park and walk thru


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Interactive and includes a friendly Santa

The children and adults love it .

So many lights and inflatables. Kids loved it. Santa was awesome.

There are so many beautiful things to look at and Santa was very personable and likeable! My granddaughter, daughter and I just loved it.

can't be beat

My parents took me there when i was little and i loved it it was the best thing ive ever seen and ive watched it grow along with me so now i take my kids so they can watch it grow with them. I love all the stuff they have and my kids love seeing there favorite cartoon characters and the people that do are truely amazing and wonderful and i thank god for them and what they do they are the best ever. Thank you santa on mountain view for all that you guys do.

An amazing display of Christmas lights. Very family oriented. Santa and Rudolph are there to have pictures taken with the children. Christmas lights and Christmas inflatables are in all directions and the owner(s) do an amazing job every year. This award should definitely go to Santa on Mountainview St. for an outstanding effort of sharing the love of Christmas to our Charlottesville community.

Lots of lights and blow ups the display is huge

Very family friendly and entertaining!!!

This spot has become a holiday tradition for many families in the area and really adds to the spirit of community that is so important.

Of the combination of lights and inflatables.

Everything is perfect

The grandchildren loved it on Christmas Eve!

The Santa is awesome! Really patient and great with the kids.

This place is full of hot air!

Well , I went there on December 24th 2016 , and it was my first time . I'm only 14, so hopefully I'll be going many years after this. I loved it , because I've never seen so many inflatables . Of course , my mom and dad know the owner of this , so I felt comfortable walking through it without them . I just loved it because it got everybody in the spirit by seeing Santa , and rudolf .

More inflatables than I have ever seen! Absolutely Christmas!!

So many cool blow-ups and the best Santa in town!!

Easy to go to with little ones, especially under the age of 5. Great way to see Santa and decorations!

The santa is AWESOME

The Santa is awesome and the display is so much fun

Every year is better than last

they help share the Christmas spirit and Santa's magic from the goodness in their hearts! It's a must see!! Thank you Santa on Mountainview Street... see you again next year!

Santa and rodolph and all the lights!!!

There so many fun and creative lights! Everyone in town LOVES this house.

Tons of inflatable Christmas!!

Santa is there!

This is a great display walk through! there are so many lights and inflatables and although not a long walk its a great way to get in the Christmas spirit! Perfect for young kids and adults!

My grand babies loved it!!!

My girls love the lights. Love to see santa. And love walking through and seeing all their favorite characters

You see the love that is put into all of it

Awesome Display!!! It's a must see!!

Excellent as always

Awesome this year!!!!

My favorite Christmas tradition every year!

My favorite Christmas tradition every year!

My favorite thing all year!

My favorite thing all year!

My favorite thing all year!

My favorite thing all year!

Awesome again this year!!!!!

took my grandsons to this display- it's about 45 minutes away. they absolutely loved it! lot's of fun and things to see. I think this will become a yearly tradition :-)

Outstanding light display---the best I've seen in years.

Every single year my family n i have watched your display become more extravagant n beautiful you are an amazing person bringing so much happiness to all. Excellent display##!!!!

This is the best display ever

We love this display!!! We come here year after year. We love seeing Santa & Rudolph here.

Great Display!!! Love it every year

If any one deserves the Randy award it you! Awesome display. Good job at making it look good in such a small area! Check out my display! I'm going for classiest and seen from space.

awesome display been coming here for years